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Veneers are ceramic facings that we use both in restorative and esthetic dentistry. If you have one tooth in the front that is darker than the others, or several teeth or just that you would like to improve your smile in general, then veneers are a suitable option.

Depending on the position of your tooth, maybe some or non, drilling has to be done on your tooth to prepare space for the new veneer. Laboratory fabricates them and the dentist glue them permanently on your own tooth/teeth.

Depending  on the number of teeth that we treating, the number visits vary between two and three.
Our veneers are made of E-Max ceramic material. Very durable and long-lasting.

We offer >>
>> Veneers for single teeth
>> Veneers for multiple teeth
>> Veneers for full mouth
>> Veneers for smile improvement

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