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Preventive Dentistry

The practice of preventive dentistry involves the care of your teeth and overall oral health to prevent disease. This includes daily hygiene by brushing, flossing, balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and visit your dentist regularly.  Your part at home is as important, if not even more,  than our part in the office.

We recommend that you follow your dentist recommendation in terms of check ups and professional dental cleanings. If you are young and healthy, perhaps once a year could be sufficient to visit your dentist and have your teeth checked and cleaned. If you are older and have had a history of dental work, than it is advisable to visit your dentist twice a year for check and clean.

>> Clinical examination of your teeth
>> Clinical examination of old prostheses
>> Clinical examination of the oral mucosa
>> Radiographic examination small pictures or panoramic picture
>> Dental scale and polish
>> Fluoride application

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