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Dental Implants

Dental implants is one of the specialty divisions in our clinics. Dental implants are small titanium posts, that we insert in the jawbone with the aim to anchor a new tooth or several teeth to them. It is one of the best ways to cover gaps in the mouth, or to anchor full dentures or bridges. It is also a very good solution for people with ill fitting dentures, where the implants work as snap system.

If your own tooth has a bad prognosis and beyond saving, having a dental implant can replace your tooth/teeth and restore function and esthetics.
All of our implant surgeries are carried out in our specialty custom made implant clinic in Fuengirola. State of the art equipment and facilities, allows us to perform accurate diagnosis and treatment. Visit for more information. 

The implant brand that we use are called Avinent Implant system. Its one of the best systems on the market and covers all of our and our patients needs. We have implants of all sizes and solution for almost every case, which makes the majority of people suitable for the treatment. 

The procedure consists of an initial examination and 3D scan. When planning has been done and the patient informed of the procedure, an appointment is made for the installment of the implants. Normal healing time after that is 3 months, where the patient returns to start the work on top of the implants, which could be crown, bridge or denture work.

We offer >>
>> 3D scan assessment
>> Single implant and crown
>> Multiple implants and bridge
>> Multiple implants and full arch
>> Implant dentures with snap on-off system
>> Mini Implants for sites with narrow bone
>> Short implant solution for sites with insufficient height
>> Bone regeneration procedures
>> Sinus lifts


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