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Dental Fillings

If you have broken a tooth or have a cavity, a dental filling can be placed to restore back function and esthetics. All of our filling materials are exclusively white and called composites. It is made of hard plastic.

Small and medium size fillings on younger healthier teeth with more enamel, have an increased longevity, than large size fillings on older and worn teeth.
If the cavity or the fracture is to large though, a dental filling may not be possible and we would recommend another long term solution such as a crown, inlay, onlay or another ceramic construction.


White dental fillings can be placed anywhere in the dentition, such as on the front teeth and the back molars.

>> Fillings for cavities
>> Fillings for tooth chips
>> Fillings for cusp fractures
>> Replacement of silver fillings
>> Coverage of sensitive root surfaces
>> General tooth repair

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