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Crowns & Bridges

If your tooth is heavily damaged or in general weak, a crown is good solution to restore function and esthetics. A crown is fabricated in the dental laboratory, and is custom made to fit your tooth.
The procedure involves usually 2 visits, where the dentists does some detailed preparation work on the tooth and takes an impression. That is sent to the laboratory where they start the fabrication process. 5-7 days later the patient comes back on their second visit, where the dentist fits the new crown on top of your own tooth. It looks and feels like a natural tooth.

A bridge, is many crowns linked together. If you have one gap in the mouth or several gaps, which you would like to fill, a bridge can sometimes be the solution. The dentist prepares the neighboring and existing teeth, and the laboratory fabricates the bridge, which is fitted over your own teeth. Color and shape of your new teeth are chosen together with you.

A bridge can be anything from two pieces up to full arch 14 pieces, all linked together from the inside, but still looks and feels like natural teeth.
A crown or a bridge can only be made though, if your own teeth are considered to be in a good and healthy condition without deeper disease.

The materials we have available for crown and bridge work are >>
>> Esthetic Zirconium (full ceramic - front teeth)
>> Monolytic Zirconium (full ceramic - only back teeth)
>> Metal-Ceramic (metal core and ceramic cover)
>> PMMA (hard plastic long-term temporary solution)

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